The 5 Senses- Dry and Wet

The 5 Senses- Dry and Wet

07 APR 2021

Kg2 students today participated in two experiments!

But, before we began the experiments, we started our activity with a story titled “Lila et sa Poupée”

1st experiment: Watering a plant.

The children touched the dry plant's soil. They then water the plant and return to the soil. They perform an experiment in which they discover that the soil is no longer dry, but rather wet.

2nd experiment: The doll's clothes are wet, and they must be dried!

The children suggested a solution for drying the clothes of our story’s character.

They then had fun drying the doll's clothes.

The objectives of this activity:

- Identify the organ of touch and its function.

- Distinguish by touch between dry and wet objects.

Experimenting is a method of learning through doing. Students are better able to translate ideas and skills gained in the classroom to real-world circumstances when they are engaged in hands-on experiences and reflection.


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