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The school’s only form of communication is through emails; kindly fill in all email addresses you can be reached on: (red star) In case of an emergency, kindly fill in the contacts (by priority)

You must inform us immediately if there are any changes in your address or phone numbers.

If there is a sibling who attends OLGIS or any other school, please list the details below:

Additional information for new student

Medical Information and Doctor

Indicate any medical problems by placing a circle around the appropriate condition.

Please note that any medication to be administered during school hours must be accompanied with a signed note, outlining dosage instructions, etc.

Special Dietary Needs

Please be officially notified that during the school day or any activities organized by the school, accidents may occur. The local insurance provided by the school would only cover medical issues in Liberia. (ask jenny)

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15th. street Sinkor - Monrovia, Liberia 1000

+231 88 030 0002
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Career Opportunities

We are always looking for dedicated educators who are team-oriented and show commitment to student learning. Teachers who share a belief in the school’s mission, and believe they can contribute to our learning environment are encouraged to apply by submitting their CV online.

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