Phonics Education With Preschool Toddlers

Phonics Education With Preschool Toddlers

Deploying a phonics education at an early age can also help children develop culturally, socially, and emotionally.
Research shows that phonics when taught correctly is one of the most effective ways of teaching children to learn to read and can lay a proper foundation for the success of a child.

Phonics allows children to see letters written on a page and provides them with the tools to understand it properly.
Beyond reading and writing, it helps children develop general thinking skills such as probabilistic reasoning and reasoning by analogy.

- Phonics helps children PRACTICE reading better.
- Sound to symbol recognition becomes faster
- Phonics education helps children be imaginative and empathetic
- The learning experience is fun!

Teaching phonics is often designed to be fun and engaging for children.
For example, games are often tied to lessons, and the visuals which accompany the lessons are usually very vibrant. This approach is meant to enhance the learning experience and ultimately results in the better overall development of reading and writing skills.

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