Tetroien Oswald Nimley

Tetroien Oswald Nimley, born October 1, 2002, was enrolled in the 10th Grade at the Our Lady of Grace International School/OLGIS, in September 2015.
He graduated three academic years later, May 2018, with honors.


Tetroien was twice elected to head the Student Council Government of OLGIS. First as Vice President/Acting President, in Academic 2016/2017 - which hilariously intriguing OLGIS elections he lost by just one ballot.
The following year he easily won the Presidency, and mediated for structural, curricular, and administrative changes, on behalf of the student body.


Tetroien has won many academic awards and graduated top of his class at the age of fifteen. Although great at most things he puts his mind to, he is quite passionate about the Arts and is an excellent writer.
During his time at OLGIS, he won the National award for “Liberia’s Best Writer” in 2017”: A four-month, three category competition for high school seniors and university students, as was overseen by international judges living outside of Liberia.
Tetroien matriculated to study computer graphics and film animation at the University of Belamand, in Lebanon; one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in the Middle East.
With an avid interest in social justice and economic systems, he believes that one of the methods within his power to begin an effective process of world change is via the medium of graphics design and animation.


Tetroien was born to Liberian parents and raised in Liberia. He has three siblings: An adult sister, and two younger ones who are currently in High School at OLGIS.