A Day at the Supermarket

A Day at the Supermarket

12 OCT 2021

Let’s go to the supermarket! 

A fun reproduction of a story.

Activity: Dramatization of the story "Au Supermarché"

Going to the supermarket is part of our daily lives, all our essentials are bought from there and used throughout the day. 

 In this activity, the students performed the story “Au Supermarché”; they took charge and responsibility and acted out different scenarios that can occur at a store.
The children learned about shopping priorities; what and how to buy, asking for help and prices politely, engaging in conversation with the cashier and saying thank you, and finally, understanding the monetary value.
This activity aids the students in developing their oral language proficiency and enriching their acquired supermarket lexicon in the French language. 
 Moreover, the students developed, affirmed, and consolidated their personalities while working towards a collective goal.

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