Calculating Mass, Volume & Density

Calculating Mass, Volume & Density

30 SEP 2021

Grade 7 - Science is magic that works! 

Activity: Calculating mass, volume, & density

Location: Science Lab

Science is more than just learning how things work from a book, it is seeing how things come to be in a laboratory. In this activity, the students headed to the science lab to learn how to calculate mass, volume, and density as well as understanding the relationship between the three.

The students learned to use different measuring instruments to reach accurate answers, they learned to identify numerically how heavy, big, and dense an object is. They worked on different objects with excitement.

This activity provides students with a better understanding of the world around them, helps develop their cognitive thinking, their psychomotor skills, and increasing understanding of the complexity of observed work. Moreover, the students learned to gather and use different types of data.

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